ALOHA and Welcome to Threading Lounge, Hawaii's premier, all natural hair removal spa.We understand the importance of removing unwanted body hair safely, hygienically and painlessly.Our goal is to be your preferred choice for the best, all natural hair removal service.
We are proud to state that our salon was voted BEST EYEBROW SERVICE 2011 by Honolulu Magazine. So, why go to waxing or nail salons where you get substandard service by in-experienced technicians, when you can enjoy the best Threading Experience in Hawaii at our Salon.

Threading is one of the gentlest form of hair removal and has been used in parts of Asia for many years. Only a piece of cotton thread is used in the procedure. This thread is twisted & pulled along areas of unwanted hair, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals or sharp metal objects.  
  • Is 100% natural, there are no artificial waxes, chemicals, or invasive
    techniques used.Since we don't create any waste, our services are environmentally friendly.
  • Is found by many to be much less painful than waxing as threading only targets the individual hairs keeping skin irritation to a minimum. People with acne breakouts from waxing experience better results with threading.
  • Is a precision art allowing greater control and targets individual hair and removes all hair including stubble growth as opposed to waxing where an entire area needs to be waxed to obtain the same results.
  • Is less damaging to skin and only minimal redness occur after each
    procedure, which quickly subsides within an hour.
    Call 808 484 2080 to schedule an appointment
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